Christchurch Earthquake – Day 2

Just a quick update from here at Earthquake +2.

In our area of town things look pretty normal. If you look closely you can see a few fallen chimneys and minor damage. We were bl**dy lucky!!

As you have probably seen on the news, in the centre of town, older brick buildings have fallen and that is some of the more historic stuff. Places closer to the epicentre have fared very badly, Kaipoi has been nearly flattened and there is major damage to roads in that area. Power is on here but the phones and internet are a bit flaky. Water will be an issue for quite a while I suspect as there is damage to water and sewer pipes. That there was no loss of life is utterly unbelievable considering the size of the quake. We are getting aftershocks all the time, some quite large, but nothing like the original. The centre of town is still closed off while they assess the damage.

Click here for the local paper story

Love to all

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