Weddings, Wine and a bit of Landscaping

Lots going on recently…

Things are starting to get back to normal after the earthquake. We are still getting aftershocks but they are getting smaller all the time. If you are interested in seeing how often they happen you can look here

We have been to OZ for a week to go to Annabelle & Toms Wedding but the week before we went Josie came to stay with us for three weeks so she could have two weeks in NZ with a week in OZ in the middle. Poor lass she did not know which country she was in most of the time. She had a great time here and saw an awfull lot in a very short time.

We stayed with Peter & Allison in Adelaide and they made us very welcome with trips out to the beach and some of the local wineries.

The weddings went really well and here are a few pictures – but not of the wedding itself! Annabelle aand Tom have asked us all not to put up pictures as they are having a wedding party back in the UK in Jan and don’t want to spoil it for the brits.

IMG 1719

IMG 1721

IMG 1722

The beach near Adelaide

IMG 1871

One of the wineries – you might recognise the name !

IMG 1682

And apart from all that I mamaged to get the new “Terrace” finished

IMG 1911


We are off to Lake Tekapo for a few days over Christmas, so just want to say a Happy Christmas to one and all.

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