Christchurch Earthquake – Quick update

We are back in the house. We have power but no water, could be weeks before the water is back on. Many cracks in plasterboard and a few outside but nothing major I think.

We have been staying with good friends Ben & Clare out of town for the last few days so have missed being without power at least.

Getting battered by aftershocks but that has been a way of life here since last September.

Karen is back to work tomorrow and I am waiting to see what happens at the shop.

Love to all


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2 Responses to Christchurch Earthquake – Quick update

  1. Viv & Dick says:

    Big hugs to you guys. Glad you are both ok. Can’t imagine what it must be like. Tkae good care you 2 lotsa love Viv xx

  2. susan Szoll says:

    I know you will get it sorted, it just takes time.
    Cant wait to see you. You got a bed at our house anytime. keep your chin up xx

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