Look out UK – here we come (back).

It’s official – flights (one-way) are booked – we are moving back to the UK.

It’s time to make public the decision we made several months ago. I am giving in my notice on Monday and the Hospital know that Karen is leaving.

We will be back in the UK permanently on June 11th.

We made the decision last December and put the house on the market in January. The Earthquake has probably scuppered the sale now so we will probably end up putting it out for rental till things settle down again.

The reason for our return is missing the family and the increasing number of grandchildren we appear to be accumulating ;>). We have had a really great three years in New Zealand but the family is in the UK and that is never going to change.

So now it’s like the move out but backwards, shifters to organise, belongings to sort out and we have a lot more “stuff” than when we arrived, so that’s going to be fun!.

So after three years away – UK here we come.

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2 Responses to Look out UK – here we come (back).

  1. Viv & Dick says:

    Wooooooooop Woooooooooooop!!!!

    Can’t wait for that hug :O)

    If you need a bed your most welcome -as always :O)

    Also, we are away for 2 weeks after you land so if you need a base and some time on your own your more than welcome :O)

    Wow so glad we got a date :O)

    Lotsa love

    Viv xx

    PS We need to sort a get together before all your time gets full with Lou and Phil, Matt and us lot – be easiest for me & Dick to pop ooooop north :O) xx

  2. Stuart says:

    You will be back for a birthday drink then. I can’t wait to see you both. Love Stuart x

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